Pauillac, the wine-growing region par excellence!

Situated halfway between Bordeaux and La Pointe de Grave, the village of Pauillac lies along the largest river estuary in Europe, the Gironde. The undisputed capital of wine-producing Médoc with 18 Grands Crus Classés in 1855, of which three Premier (Latour, Lafite-Rothschild and Mouton-Rothschild chateaus), and just 30 minutes from Atlantic coast seaside resorts, Pauillac is a magical place that combines culture, heritage, good food, fun events and leisure activities… find out more


Bordeaux “The place to be”

Bordeaux has become a key tourist destination over the last few years, especially since it was voted “European best destination”. Lonely Planet named Bordeaux as the trendiest city while the Los Angeles Times deemed it the best tourist destination for 2017… find out more


The Gironde Estuary – the largest in Europe

The Gironde Estuary is the largest and most well-preserved estuary in Europe. With a total surface area of 635 square km, it is 75km long and 12km wide at its mouth. France’s very own Mississippi! Flowing past the vineyards of Médoc, Blaye and Bourg, the estuary has many islands, three of which you can visit – Ile de Patiras, Ile Margaux and Ile Nouvelle. The Estuary is also home to the ” Verrou Vauban “ (Citadelle de Blaye, Fort Pâté and Fort Médoc), a three-part fortification programme masterminded by Vauban and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site… find out more


Médoc and its nature

Come and discover the astonishing diversity this region has to offer. Nature reserves, wetlands, marshes, dunes, lakes, forests and more – a wealth of flora and fauna that make the Médoc region a paradise for nature lovers… find out more


Médoc and its ocean

Renowned for its well-preserved nature and 126km of fine sandy beaches, the Médoc coastline offers unlimited freedom… find out more


Bearing witness to its past, the region’s rich heritage presents Médoc’s history through the ages!

The Médoc region has long been a site of pilgrimage on Saint James’ Way and it was for this reason that Notre-Dame-de-la-Fin-des-Terres Basilica was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. When, later, the Médoc region had to protect one of the river entrances heading to Bordeaux, Fort Médoc was built as one of three estuary fortifications, along with Blaye and Fort Pâté, also listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. At the mouth of the Gironde estuary is Cordouan lighthouse, a historic monument since 1862, which is now the oldest active lighthouse in France and the only one that still has a lighthouse keeper and is open to the public… find out more


Médoc – a region with wide open spaces to explore

Make the most of your stay in the Médoc region to discover new sporting activities or take part in your favourite ones… find out more



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